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Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Mon Feb 11 08:55:52 MST 2002

I agree. My experience has shown that approx. 40% of all mailboxes are
protected by the RBL. It can't be that hard to convince your ISP to use the
RBL or find a new one that already is.

I found the funniest resource yet on the net: some spamming ISP has posted a
"hall of shame" -- ISPs filtering email. If you want a great resource for
spam-free ISPs, this is just too good to be true:

Sean mentioned that it's only really possible to bounce message as they come
in from the spammer. That's true -- and highly desirable. Bounced mail can
chew up more of the sender's resources. That's the best reason to have the
filtering done at the ISP.


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Another alternative may be to ask your ISP to set it up for you...

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