[lug] Opinions on BT vs Prodigy?

Lou Puls lpuls at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 11 11:23:35 MST 2002

My last probe for opinions was so much fun I'll try another one:  Any
thoughts out there on the growing hyperlink-lawsuit mess (years to come)
of British Telecom vs Prodigy?  It looks like the linux-powered
GoogleGroups has been (and will be) heavily used as a roadmap (to seek
out genuine primary sources) for the highly-paid patent litigators.

She is black and She plays with fixed dice.
What the (shrewd but word-challenged) Shrub REALLY meant [via
'subliminable' translation]:
"The California crunch [Enron-created energy crisis] really is the
result of not enough [deliberately offline] power- generating plants and
then not enough power [money/influence] to power [ship via corruptly
deregulated markets] the power [fuel and shortage electricity] of
generating plants." -- George W. Bush,  1/14/01

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