[lug] off topic, spam laws

Peter Hutnick peter at fpcc.net
Mon Feb 11 11:25:39 MST 2002

On Monday 11 February 2002 10:52 am, Jeffrey Siegal wrote:
> Peter Hutnick wrote:
> > I think that everything you said here is true.  But (like so many laws)
> > it doesn't make any sense.
> >
> > If I may draw a metaphor . . . Leaving your front door unlocked is
> > foolish, but should you have to show a bugler the door and ask him not to
> > return before it becomes a crime?
> A public mail server is not a private home.  If the computer system in
> question were not providing any services to the public, it would be
> different, and any access at all could be criminal.
> The situation with a public mail server is more like a store or other
> business, which is open to the public but can (in most cases), order
> someone off the premises and file criminal tresspass charges if they
> return.

I guess it depends on what you mean by "services to the public."  My driveway 
(private network) connects directly to a public street (internet).  That 
doesn't mean that anyone can come in my garage (mailserver) and borrow my car 
(SMTP service) once and continue to do so unless I ask them to stop.

I disagree that mailservers connected to the internet are "public."  

Anyway, as I think about it, the answer is smarter admins, not dumber laws.


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