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  plans a legal insurrection
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>From: "Claburn, Thomas" <Thomas_Claburn at ziffdavis.com>
>All Hail Creative Commons
>Stanford professor and author Lawrence Lessig plans a legal insurrection
>Hal Plotkin, Special to SF Gate
>Stanford law professor and author Lawrence Lessig and a small band of
>collaborators at MIT, Duke, Harvard and Villanova are about to embark on
>a new endeavor that could help reignite the global high-tech economy.
>A prolific thinker, writer and doer, and a national authority on
>intellectual-property law and a former columnist at The Industry
>Standard, Lessig is perhaps best known as the author of two of the most
>important books yet produced about computers, the Internet and how our
>legal system deals with them: "Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace," and
>his more recent work, "The Future of Ideas."
>In an interview last week, Lessig confirmed the basic details about his
>latest venture, Creative Commons, which is slated to be formally
>unveiled in a few months.
>In a boon to the arts and the software industry, Creative Commons will
>make available flexible, customizable intellectual-property licenses
>that artists, writers, programmers and others can obtain free of charge
>to legally define what constitutes acceptable uses of their work. The
>new forms of licenses will provide an alternative to traditional
>copyrights by establishing a useful middle ground between full copyright
>control and the unprotected public domain.
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