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Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Mon Feb 11 15:44:25 MST 2002

Odd. I've always found Dell to have the best prices for Linux-based rack
mount servers. And they've been extremely reliable over time. Support was
pretty good to. I don't ever remember having to wait for parts though I can
only remember needing a single power supply replaced.

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I'm looking for a provider of boxen for my company (I wouldn't mind Dell
if they would offer competitively priced Linux boxes).

I would like someone that has reliable hardware and I don't really have
time to do build from parts all the time.  I have known of penguin
computing for quite some time, but don't know anything about the quality
of their products or the responsiveness/efficacy of their support.

Has anyone had any experience with them or can anyone recommend somebody
(remember I'm in DC and next day support is important).


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