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Richard Fifarek rfifarek at silug.org
Mon Feb 11 15:47:43 MST 2002

	As a former employee of Penguin Computing, I can probably speak to 
this with some authority.

	The quality of their (hardware) products is on par with Dell,
perhaps better.  Penguin's technical support and customer service is what
set's them apart.  All of the tech support staff are Penguin employees,
fully versed in Tier 1/2 Linux questions/issues, and the Engineering staff
backs them up for higher level/more complex problems.

	For onsite 24x7 support, they contract out a company (don't recall 
which at the moment), but the general consensus while I was there was that 
the contractor was doing well.

	I was the head Sys Admin for Penguin, and of course used all of 
it's products to do my job, and I was quite pleased with the 
performance/reliability of the hardware.

On 11 Feb 2002, Hugh Brown wrote:

> I'm looking for a provider of boxen for my company (I wouldn't mind Dell
> if they would offer competitively priced Linux boxes).
> I would like someone that has reliable hardware and I don't really have
> time to do build from parts all the time.  I have known of penguin
> computing for quite some time, but don't know anything about the quality
> of their products or the responsiveness/efficacy of their support.
> Has anyone had any experience with them or can anyone recommend somebody
> (remember I'm in DC and next day support is important).
> Hugh
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