[lug] penguin computing

Charles Morrison cmorrison at greeleynet.com
Mon Feb 11 15:56:52 MST 2002

I bought a penguin box for a customer several years ago. It is now 
pretty much end of life due to obsolescense, but has never had a 
hardware failure, running nonstop for close to 3 years. My only 
complaint was that the video card in it was not supported by the stock 
RH 5.2 media it came with, so a subsequent OS reload never had a good X 
setup. Not really important since it was a web server, but an 
aggrivation none the less.

If by chance you liked the look of the old VA Linux 1u and 2u  servers, 
they are now being sold by california digital - 
http://www.californiadigital.com . Unfortunately, it seems like most of 
the VA expertise that went to CD was in sales and marketing.

I don't know anything about support from either of these california 
based companies.

Hugh Brown wrote:

>I'm looking for a provider of boxen for my company (I wouldn't mind Dell
>if they would offer competitively priced Linux boxes).
>I would like someone that has reliable hardware and I don't really have
>time to do build from parts all the time.  I have known of penguin
>computing for quite some time, but don't know anything about the quality
>of their products or the responsiveness/efficacy of their support.
>Has anyone had any experience with them or can anyone recommend somebody
>(remember I'm in DC and next day support is important).
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