[lug] Exchange Alternative

Tony Dyson the_anorak at worldnet.att.net
Mon Feb 11 22:03:22 MST 2002

I've been using Evolution on 2 systems for a couple of months now & its
become my favorite IMAP mail client. I find it faster than Netscape or
Mozilla, & it doesn't choke on large mailboxes. The online installation
on my & 3 other RH 7.2 systems I know of was trouble free. I've heard RH
7.1 setups can be tricky.

The company runs Exchange 5.5, for which a "connector" is promised @
mid-year. I'm assuming (hoping) this will enable link-up to Exchange
calendaring data. Without this piece, Evolution isn't a viable Outlook
substitute in a meeting-centric organization.

I'd also suggest it isn't yet ready for general use. On my systems it
occasionally locks-up & "killall" is required. It also sometimes throws
an error starting up after Ximian's "Red Carpet" update has been run.

Evelyn Mitchell wrote:
> I haven't tried Evolution yet, but it's supposed to be quite good.

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