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Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Tue Feb 12 10:36:01 MST 2002

>>>>> "Fred" == Fred Robinson <fred.robinson at sipfusion.com> writes:

Fred> Does anyone have any information about DVD Ripping?  Perhaps a
Fred> URL to information on the subject?

DVD ripping meaning:

- take the content off a movie DVD and put it on cd's or HD in divx or
mpeg2 format? 


- Put some data on a DVD blank with a DVD-RAM drive? 

As Sean mentioned the first one you run into legal problems (it's
illegal to circumvent the DVD encryption, and also illegal to make
copys for even personal viewing). That said, you might look at the
Drip project: 


This is a gnome app that takes the DVD, decodes it, and writes it to
HD or cd's in divx format. I have had some luck getting it to work,
but the quality wasn't that great, and you do need a lot of
dependencies to get it working. 

If you mean the second meaning, you might look at: 


which is a fork of cdrtools to work for dvd writers. 

Hope that helps

Fred> The reason I ask is that I continue to get "spam" on
Fred> "Breakthrough DVD Ripping" Software, just wanted to see if there
Fred> is any validity to it.

spam is almost never valid. Even if they are selling a valid product,
you don't want to do business with them and encourage them that spam
does anything but upset people. IMHO. :)

Fred> Thanks!

Kevin Fenzi
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