[lug] Re: ftp problem

Shannon Johnston nunar at nunar.com
Tue Feb 12 14:46:50 MST 2002

Not having a reverse map can cause problems with SSH and FTP. Most ISP's
that I know of have PTR (reverse) records for their customers.
You can check if you have a reverse record built by doing a 

host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (your IP address here.)

If there are no reverse records built for the customer base at the ISP,
it could be a large undertaking for the dns admin there. I would say
that it can cause enough trouble to warrant a call to your ISP.


On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 11:06, John Karns wrote:
> Could not login to FTP server
> Sorry, you must allow reverse DNS lookups.
> Contact your system administrator.
> I just looked at the www page related to the pkg I'm interested in, and it
> says:
>           =============================================
> This ftp server will require the ability to do a reverse-DNS lookup to see
> where you are connecting from. If you get refused a connection because of
> this then I cannot help you, the problem is at your end, contact your ISP.
>           =============================================
> Can anyone tell me if this is something I should be concerned about?
> I.e., is it something that most ISP's take care of, and mine is just being
> lame in this respect?
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