[lug] Exchange Alternative

Tony Dyson the_anorak at worldnet.att.net
Thu Feb 14 06:01:09 MST 2002

One of our admins is currently playing with Lotus Notes on RH7.2 to see
what it might offer as an alternative to MS Exchange. He says he ran
Notes servers when he worked for Uncle Sam & volume was not a problem.
Might be worth your while to check out.

"Riggs, Rob" wrote:
> These guys are talking about a client -- an Outlook replacement, not an
> Exchange Alternative, as you indicated you were looking for.
> This is a Linux group -- they are as confused about difference between
> Exchange & Outlook as most Windows users are about the distinction between
> MTA and MUA. ;-)
> -Rob
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> Sorry, I got into this thread late guys.  I'm considering suggesting to
> my employer to change platforms- servers only at this time.  The mail
> server(s) would have to support in excess of 35,000 mail clients with
> ~50MB for each client.  The appointment/calender feature is a show
> stopper; without this, I have *NO* chance on winning over management.
> Will this tools support this?  Could is possbily be a *complete* M$
> exchange server replacement?  Thanks in advance.

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