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see below...

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> Sorry, I got into this thread late guys.  I'm considering suggesting to
> my employer to change platforms- servers only at this time.  The mail
> server(s) would have to support in excess of 35,000 mail clients with
> ~50MB for each client.

Sounds like fun.

> The appointment/calender feature is a show
> stopper; without this, I have *NO* chance on winning over management.

That's too bad... they having a hard time turning over technical decisions
to the people they hired to do that, or ???  Is there more to the story
here...?  Yes there's a training decision here hidden in this too, but
point, click, and drool works for just about all mail clients, no matter
what server type they're talking to.  :-)

> Will this tools support this?  Could is possbily be a *complete* M$
> exchange server replacement?  Thanks in advance.

Whatever the web site says it will do, it'll probably do, but none of us
will know for sure until it's released... www.ximian.com as mentioned

Of course there's a million other ways to do shared calendars and mail
stuff, including running something like SquirrelMail and the new calendaring
app it has available for both IMAP-based web-mail and calendar all in one
nice interface for end-users.  That's my personal favorite at the moment
after seeing it... and it's under heavy development right now, but it is
stable, which is always a nice place for Free Software to be.  :-)

Nate, nate at natetech.com

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