[lug] Procmail autoresponder

Harris, James James_Harris at maxtor.com
Fri Feb 15 10:51:29 MST 2002

Hi all -

I woud like to setup a quick autoresponder for resume submission to our
domain to acknowledge that we have received the submission.  The email would
then get forwarded to a human behind the scenes.  I've spent the morning
searching the web and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with options.  It
appears that procmail would do the job well, but as is the trend with
anything *nix, there are almost too many options for my little brain to
parse through.

The systems I would like to have intercepting and responding are RH 7.0
running Sendmail and procmail.

Does anyone have any experience with this and any recommendations for
finding the easiest, most efficient, most secure way to do this.  I don't
want to reinvent the wheel for the 10^8 time.

Jim Harris

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