[lug] Exchange Alternative

Jeff feenix at ticnet.com
Fri Feb 15 19:36:06 MST 2002

> Of course there's a million other ways to do shared calendars and mail
> stuff, including running something like SquirrelMail and the new calendaring
> app it has available for both IMAP-based web-mail and calendar all in one
> nice interface for end-users.  That's my personal favorite at the moment
> after seeing it... and it's under heavy development right now, but it is
> stable, which is always a nice place for Free Software to be.  :-)

I'll just have to wait until it's released and let other people test it
then.  The company I work for won't accept this.  Meetings for the
management are *way* too important.  The calendar function is really
important.  They (mgt) are also big believers in e-mail.  They want rock
solid...which makes you wander why they chose a M$ platform to run on. 
But I digress.
I'll need a fully working product in order to show them that the savings
and functionality are worth the transitition.

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