[lug] Re-direction...

Mike Caskey mikeslugs at attbi.com
Sat Feb 16 19:10:02 MST 2002

Hi all!  My ska band NEEDS a new website hosting solution.  The volume is
low and the uptime is not highest of priorities.  It's currently being
hosted on a free service, which is annoying for all kinds of reasons.
First, the address is theaccidents.8m.com.  We want theaccidents.info.
Second, there are random banner advertisements.  We don't want banners
unless they correspond to our image.  Depending on cost, we would also like
to have a nifty e-mail account (like guitarist at theaccidents.info).  Since
we're a fairly new band, cost is an issue.  The cheapest idea we had was to
use name hosting re-directed to my attbi personal web page.  That wouldn't
give us a cool e-mail account though.  Does anyone have suggestions on how
to get this done inexpensively?  Maybe someone knows a cheap way to get this
(name / site) (registered / hosted)?  "Any pointers are gladly
accepted!" -HAL 8999.99
-Mike Caskey

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