[lug] NFS woes

dan radom dan at radom.org
Sat Feb 16 16:09:03 MST 2002

i'm not sure what the root cause really was, but it must be something withthe combination of kernel and hardware involved.  the solution was the mount the nfs filesystem with options rsize and wsize.  i tested it using dd with several different values, and am finally happy with 3072 for both rsize and wsize.  btw...that should have been kernel 2.4.17, not 2.4.27 :)


* dan radom (dan at radom.org) wrote:
> I recently upgraded the kernel on my laptop from 2.4.7 to 2.4.27, and NFS has been hosed ever since.  It does mount the exported filesystem, but times out and errors and such.  It repeats this over and over again...
> 	Feb 15 23:00:17 saturn kernel: nfs: task 185 can't get a request slot
> 	Feb 15 23:00:19 saturn kernel: nfs: task 186 can't get a request slot
> 	Feb 15 23:00:22 saturn kernel: nfs: server lunar OK
> >From what I've read that error could mean network congestion, server load or bas network hardware, and I've read nothing kernel related about these errors.  If I boot my old (2.4.7) kernel it works fine.  The NFS options in my 2.4.27 kernel are...
> 	# CONFIG_NFSD is not set
> I've tried CONFIG_NFS_FS=y also.  I have 4 other 2.4.17 machines and 2 NetBSD 1.5.2 machines that talk NFS to this server (linux 2.4.17).  Any ideas?  Thanks.
> dan
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