[lug] Networking Pointers

Ken Weinert mc at morat.net
Sun Feb 17 09:50:40 MST 2002

Ok all, I'm looking for some pointers for starting a home network.

The situation is this: due to space consolidation at work I've managed to 
acquire 5 SparcClassics, a Sparcstation2, and a 10M hub.

What I'd like to do is this:

Install SuSE 7.3/space on all
4 classics - cluster them
1 classic - firewall
sparc2 - development for the other classics since they have such small hard 
drives (450M)

The install part I've got sorted :)  Turns out one difficulty I was having 
was OHS - what I thought was a network card was a video card *sigh*

At any rate, here's a base plan:

cluster[1-4] == 172.16.42.[10,20,30,40]
towel == dhcp/
builder ==
ken <- my intel linux box
beth <- daughter's windows box

The hub is a 3Com FMSII LinkBuilder, so it's strictly a (12 port/10M) hub.

As far as I can tell this is a valid addressing scheme for an internal 
network and this means that towel will be the firewall machine and have to do 
NAT and DNS, right?

The second question is this: can anyone recommend a good Linux networking 
book that I can use my recently acquired SoftPro gift certificate on?

Thanks for any pointers - and after studying, I may have a few more questions 
later :)

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