[lug] Anyway to continue a hung KRUD install?

Steve Wampler sbw at oakomsg.com
Sat Feb 16 08:51:04 MST 2002

   I'm partway through an upgrade from RH 6.2 to KRUD 2002-02-01 (via
CD-ROM boot, not
krud2date).  Apparently that's a mistake (I've done krud2date updates
before just fine, but
this is a server and I thought it'd be better to go through the

The package installation is stuck on a dialog box informing me that the


can't be read.  Not surprising, since it "pygnome", not "pygoome"...

I don't care about that package - I can upgrade it later, I'm usre, but
the dialog box
*only* has an option for retrying the package, not for skipping it!  And
while I can
retry to my heart's content, it ain't ever gonna fine pygoome...

Does anyone (Kevin?) have any ideas on what I can do to proceed?  I
thought about
adding a symlink so it could find the misspelled name, but since those
are CDs and
ro loop block devices, that doesn't seem possible.

Please reply via email (perferably to sbw at tapestry.tucson.az.us) - I
haven't subscribed
to BLUG's mailing lists because I'm down here in warm, sunny southern

Thanks for *ANY* help!!!
Steve Wampler
sbw at tapestry.tucson.az.us

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