[lug] 2 video cards rh 7.2

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 2 00:13:47 MST 2002

Hi all,
  I have a box running RedHat 7.2 the box has the defults except for
kde and lilo....anyway i have been trying to use two video cards without
any luck ...one card is ati radeon 64 sdr(agp 4x) other is a crappy
pci trident. My comp is dual boot and both cards work fine in win98
but in linux i can only get one or the other depending on how i set my bios 
(award bios on asus a7a266-alimagik). I have tried verious edits on
/etc/X11/XFree -4 ...(thats not the exact name of file but you get it  im 
sure)...no luck. Can someone pleas help


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