[lug] WP on Linux

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Mon Mar 11 10:09:50 MST 2002

I'm having some trouble with WordPerfect on a RHL 7.2 install.  I found
a thread on the Corel Linux newsgroup that discusses my problem.  When I
run wordperfect from the command line I get

wine: readwriteprintcap.c:641: ParseLprPrintcapBuffers: Assertion
`(charsCopied < 4)' failed.
/usr/bin/wordperfect: line 223:  1880 Aborted                
"$corelwine" "$app $_WINE_AppArgs" -winver nt40 -managed

The following is a response to the above error by another poster:

Well, then it must actually be a problem with your "/etc/printcap"
file.  WINE seems to have problems
parsing them.

I couldn't get "LPRng" to work with either WP8 or WP9.  I forgot which
one.  So, I had to go back to
just plain "lpr".  Then I upgraded to GNUlpr which is on SourceForge. 
It seems to have a problem with
printer names, but works otherwise.

I see the gnulpr at that site, but there is no rpm file.  I prefer to
install everything on this system with rpm, but will go the traditional
route if I have to.  Is there something else I can try first?


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