[lug] openssh server update

Jonathan Briggs zlynx at acm.org
Mon Mar 11 15:05:02 MST 2002

I looked at your output and compared it to my system.  On mine, the ssh 
-V line is:

OpenSSH_3.1p1, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0x0090602f

Our OpenSSL lines are different.  I'm using openssl 0.9.6 (libcrypto.so.2)
I don't know if that makes a difference or not.  But it's something you 
could try.

Hugh Brown wrote:


>[client]$  ssh -V
>OpenSSH_2.9p2, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0x0090581f

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