[lug] Help!

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Tue Mar 12 15:57:07 MST 2002

Terry> I just upgraded using the 2002-03-01 KRUD disk. The first
Terry> problem was that several packages caused errors during the
Terry> install; by deselecting the packages that caused errors I was
Terry> finally able to complete an installation.  (I can send the
Terry> install dump from the error if needed.)

what kind of errors? I would love to see the dump... ;) 

Terry> Now the big problem: I cannot boot into Linux! I get the error
Terry> Kernel panic: no init found

Terry> How can I get my Linux back?

so it's getting to the point where it can load the kernel, but can't
run /sbin/init after the kernel is done booting. 

Try booting with: 

linux init=/bin/bash 

and see if that works. Looks like your init package is messed up or
the partition with the init package on it. 

Terry> Thanks, Terry Branaman


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