[lug] scp tools?

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Tue Mar 12 22:02:43 MST 2002

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> >>>>> "D" == D Stimits <stimits at idcomm.com> writes:
> D> Hmm, something that put a damper on my enthusiasm. Turns out that
> D> sftp requires an sftp server to run on the other end, but scp has
> D> no such requirement. The reason my sftp is failing to that server
> D> is because the owner doesn't have the sftp server installed. For
> D> security reasons, he probably won't. So sftp failure isn't due to a
> D> bug in this case, but nonetheless, it is fatal. I upgraded my gftp,
> humm... that isn't my understanding of how sftp works. There is a
> sftp-server on the remote side, but it's executed on a per connection
> basis when an sftp connect is made...
> from the sftp-server man page:
>      sftp-server is a program that speaks the server side of SFTP protocol to
>      stdout and expects client requests from stdin.  sftp-server is not
>      intended to be called directly, but from sshd(8) using the Subsystem
>      option.  See sshd(8) for more information.
> I can't see any security vunerability in this... you have to connect
> via sshd before sftp-server will be started. It might be that the
> server you are looking at has an older version of openssh? They only
> added sftp in the newer ones. (If that is the case, they should
> upgrade to 3.1p1 ASAP).

In any case, it requires sftp-server to be in the user path or at least
on the machine. I *think* sftp-server is probably a separate install
step, but I don't know for sure. What I am certain of is that sftp works
between my local network machines, but not to his machine; and using
locate, there is no sftp-server on his system anywhere. I will see if I
can talk him into looking into it, but he is on the extreme of busy (he
owns something similar to an ISP business, he's almost a one-man show,
entirely Linux). It would definitely be a big hit for me to see gftp
work to his machine over sftp.

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

> D> to try it (thanks to Jeffrey Siegal for mentioning it), but still
> D> can't do ssh transfers because gftp requires sftp server at the
> D> other end. Maybe I'll be better off trying to recode part of gftp
> D> to work with scp instead of sftp, which would remove the
> D> requirement for a remote sftp server.
> kevin
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