[lug] Migrating an existing installation to a new hard drive

BOF bof at pcisys.net
Tue Mar 12 22:04:58 MST 2002

What would be the best way to move an existing Linux installation as an 
exact copy to a new hard disk?

I've installed a second drive in my system, and would like to move my 
existing Slackware installation on the first drive to it. The second 
drive has been partitioned with the same partitions as on the first 
(swap, /, /boot, /tmp, /var, /usr/local, and /home) and formatted. The 
partitions on the second drive are slightly smaller than those on the 
first but are big enough to hold their counterparts.

The copy will need to be an exact copy so that I can boot it and use it. 
Once the migration is working, I plan on wiping out the installation on 
the first drive to regain its space for something else.



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