[lug] /proc/net/rpc/nfsd, th line question

Harris, James James_Harris at maxtor.com
Wed Mar 13 08:33:28 MST 2002

I'm tuning my NFS server right now and I want to confirm something.  If you
cat /proc/net/rpc/nfsd and pay attention to the "th" line, you are supposed
to be able to tell if you have enough nfs daemons -- I would assume that the
percentile starts with 10% on the left and works to 100% on the right?  Can
anyone confirm this?

Basically I'm having problems getting data out of this box fast enough for a
process and I'm going through all of the systems looking for the bottleneck.
I have eliminated RAM and processor so far.  I suspect that the disk system
may be bound up, but since this sucker serves it's data to a Sun box that's
about 300 times bigger than it, I wanted to see if there's any room for NFS
tuning.  According to the stat below, and my assumption that it increases
from left to right, then I'd say that I need to look elsewhere.  Does anyone
have any experience tuning NFS on Linux to server out to Sun?  Are there any
known tricks to increase performance?


th 8 57055 51580.880 20003.340 4050.030 0.000 2280.830 958.170 507.130
239.660 0.000 314.460

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