[lug] How to remove "Last login:" line at login?

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Wed Mar 13 11:12:39 MST 2002

>>>>> "Bryan" == Bryan Field-Elliot <bryan_lists at netmeme.org> writes:

Bryan> Thanks, /etc/login.defs has some interesting stuff in it, but
Bryan> the welcome banner doesn't seem to be inside of this file (on
Bryan> RH7.2). Any other ideas?

well, the Last login line is built into login as far as I can tell... 
The /etc/issue and /etc/issue.net get printed before the
authentication, and then after that /bin/login runs. When the user is
authenticated, it prints the last login time and the /etc/motd. 

from the login(1) man page: 

       If  the  file  .hushlogin  exists, then a "quiet" login is
performed (this disables the checking of mail and the printing of the
last login time and message of the day).  Otherwise, if
/var/log/lastlog exists, the last login time is printed (and the
current login is recorded).

Bryan> Thank you,
Bryan> Bryan


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