[lug] How to remove "Last login:" line at login?

Jonathan Briggs zlynx at acm.org
Wed Mar 13 11:14:54 MST 2002

It looks like sshd has an option named PrintLastLog. (man sshd)
And I took this paragraph from man login:

       If the file .hushlogin exists, then a  "quiet"  login  is  performed
       (this  disables  the  checking  of mail and the printing of the last
       login time and message of the day).  Otherwise, if  /var/log/lastlog
       exists,  the  last  login  time is printed (and the current login is

>>>On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 10:00:01AM -0700, Bryan Field-Elliot wrote:
>>>>When logging in via telnet or ssh to my Linux box (RH7.2), the standard
>>>>greeting reads something like this:
>>>>Last login: Wed Mar 13 07:46:32 2002 from
>>>>Could anyone tell me where the template for this prompt is stored, and
>>>>where I can customize it?
>>>On SuSE, Debian  and related have a look at '/etc/login.defs'.
>>>No idea where RedHat keeps this.
>>>  Ralf

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