[lug] File modification

Chris Riddoch socket at peakpeak.com
Wed Mar 13 14:20:25 MST 2002

Hi, everyone.

Is there any way to determine that a file wasn't modified besides
looking at the modification times of a file? I'm aware that 'touch'
and similar programs can modify the modification times. I'm using an
ext3 filesystem, and am wondering if the journal might be able to back
me up. Doesn't it track writes?

I need to demonstrate to a professor that a certain file was not
modified after a particular time (notably the deadline) for an
assignment - the program didn't finish running in time, but I *did*
finish writing it in time, and need to prove it!  I know it's
technically not *provable*, but I want to find everything I can to
back me up and just hope he doesn't think I'd try to go in and tweak
with the file attributes *or* the journal *or* whatever else...


Chris Riddoch       | epistemological
socket at peakpeak.com | humility

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