[lug] File modification

Michael Shuler existinglight at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 14 07:29:39 MST 2002

Bear Giles wrote:

(hesitantly snipped)

 > And what lesson(s) did you learn?  Seriously.  The lesson you learned
 > may not be the lesson we think you should have learned! >:-)

Bear, your reply was so elegant, I had to comment.  This is the reason I 
  read the BLUG list.  I took some coding classes years ago in college, 
but have learned more here, from folks posting and debugging code, than 
any other place, and I am not a programmer.

Chris, my curiosity is now peaked...  I may not be able to assist, but 
would enjoy seeing the results of the help you WILL get here!

Michael Shuler

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