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Chip Atkinson chip at
Thu Mar 14 09:41:46 MST 2002

Moving on to the topic of the last paragraph....

What are people finding out there in the employment world?  I had an
interview recently and it went well I thought.  The pay was not quite what
I was hoping for though.  Considering the last paragraph of Sean's note
below, now I wonder if I should just jump at the offer or what.

I'd be interested in hearing what other people are finding and their


On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Sean Reifschneider wrote:

> Ignoring any judgements on Chris's situation, I'd just like to make an
> observation...  It may be useful to consider...
> The people I've worked with on software projects, who were fresh out of
> school (at the bachelors and masters levels) were developing code which
> looked to me like they were still turning in programs which had to work
> once and would never be looked at again.
> Unfortunately, school just doesn't really seem to promote developing
> quality software.  I remember being quite disappointed in my first
> programming class (AP Pascal).  The instructor asked at one point for ideas
> for our final project.  I suggested that throughout the semester we develop
> components, and the final would be assembling them into a text editor.
> That suggestion was immediately discarded.  Which was unfortunate...
> As far as hours, deadlines, and people to delegate to, I think that
> University is probably a good indication of what to expect in industry,
> particularly right now...  As an entry-level programmer, you're going to
> have things delegated to you, not be delegating them on to others.
> Ask the person who hasn't had a job interview in 5 months about the hours
> and deadlines on his new job which has mandatory 6 days work weeks for the
> first 2 years because it's a start-up...  If you think this is far-fetched,
> I provided a professional reference for this person on Monday...
> Just food for thought...
> Sean

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