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* On 2002-03-14 16:42 Chip Atkinson <chip at> wrote:
> Moving on to the topic of the last paragraph....
> What are people finding out there in the employment world?  I had an
> interview recently and it went well I thought.  The pay was not quite what
> I was hoping for though.  Considering the last paragraph of Sean's note
> below, now I wonder if I should just jump at the offer or what.

Well, I can't say whether you should take that offer or not.

I have noticed things are picking up a bit. My sense is that the fear
level (economic, 911, etc) is down a lot, and because of this, people are
doing more optimistic things. Also the high levels of B2B direct sales over
the last 6 months is beginning to pay off (we were getting multiple calls
every day trying to sell us everything from office supplies to domain

Its a tender, new recovery. Summer will come, but be ready for spring
frosts. (I think I just channeled Chauncy Gardner :)

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