[lug] Job availability (Was Academic excercises, was File modifications)

Rob Peacock rob at rmpg.org
Thu Mar 14 17:22:17 MST 2002

>> I'd be interested in hearing what other people are finding and their
>> experiences.
>> Chip

>It's a dead employment world. I also go to the various employment
>networking groups, some incredibly skilled people with very very good
>resumes say they can hardly get an interview. I personally find it hard
>to even get a rejection notice.

>D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

Hell, I'd be happy with getting rejection letters or email but nada... And
I've been looking since November...

BTW, any one need a network engineer with 10 years experience? I have
experience with Cisco (25xx, 26xx, 36xx, 65xx, 75xx, 120xx), Packet Engine
(5200 and 5500 Power Rail), Juniper, and Cabletron; DS0 to OC48; 10BT to
GigE. I have designed/maintained call centers, 2 1/2 years with Tier 1 ISP
doing customer IP turnups and Tier 3 tech support. Routing experience

Chip, good to hear your interview went well... Pay sucks...


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