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Mark Horning rip6 at
Thu Mar 14 17:47:50 MST 2002

Chip Atkinson wrote:

>Moving on to the topic of the last paragraph....
>What are people finding out there in the employment world?  I had an
It's a tough job market right now. I just found out today I've been given a
3 to 4 month reprieve . My last day was supposed to be the 29th. (I somehow
managed to survive due to 'business need'. I'm the only one who they have
that has maintained and implemented this little piece of code used account
wide......and I'm an SA....go figure.... I don't think they even realize 
that I'm
the only one left on the account who knows our EMC Celerra, NIS, or our
dmz/firewall servers  which is where they really should be 
counters, sheesh......). There are only two of us contractors left on 
the account
as 3 are being let go this Friday and 6 were let go last Friday and they 
may be
reducing the regular employees as well. They would like to hire me but at a
"reduced band level and pay rate". With the way things are I'll probably 
take it.

But I digress....back to your question. I think neworking may be the 
best way to
find employment right now. From those I've talked to it appears to be 
more of a
'who you know' as opposed to a 'what you know' market. Some 'analysts' 
may be
painting a rosy picture but from the half a dozen or so people I know 
out there
looking right now, it's not pretty.....


>interview recently and it went well I thought.  The pay was not quite what
>I was hoping for though.  Considering the last paragraph of Sean's note
>below, now I wonder if I should just jump at the offer or what.
>I'd be interested in hearing what other people are finding and their


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