[lug] Frame Relay

Rob Peacock rob at rmpg.org
Fri Mar 15 18:27:46 MST 2002

>From: "Kyle Moore" <kmoore at mooreimages.com>

>It was work's idea to get me the frame. I don't really care as long as
>it isn't as slow as my dial-up, is more stable and gives me a static IP.
>I think I may need a couple of routers (more than one person is getting
>frame) and would rather get new...easier to just get a P.O. signed.

With the BK auctioneers selling off dot.bomb hardware, you should be able
to pick up a Cisco 26XX for a decent price. If you want anykind of IOS
support or hardware support, I wouldn't really consider a 25XX because
end-of-life has already been announced.


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