[lug] linux/tcsh question

Keith Herold Herold at Colorado.EDU
Mon Apr 1 17:13:10 MST 2002

this should win the lame question of the year award, but...

I can't redirect input in tcsh.  I have some code and it compiles fine and
prints messages to the terminal.  But when I try to redirect it to a file,
nothing is written to the file (and I think the program may just hang).  I
have tried:

./gated_LS A > output
./gated_LS A >& output
./gated_LS A > output & (I know, this one puts  it in the background)

as well as wrapping the redirection is a variety of ways (using parentheses,
quotes, you name it).

System is RH 7.x., tcsh-6.10

Please enlighten.  Thanks ahead of time.


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