[lug] 3 button scroll mouse

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 4 11:26:35 MST 2002

it truley
has been a joy ...thanks

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>To: lug at lug.boulder.co.us
>Subject: Re: [lug] 3 button scroll mouse
>Date: 04 Apr 2002 09:54:09 -0700
> >>>>> "jd" == j davis <j> writes:
>jd> has anyone ever got the f-ing scroll wheel to work in red hat?
>someone else already gave you the bits you need to modify in your
>XF86Config.  much more information is available at:
>    http://koala.ilog.fr/colas/mouse-wheel-scroll/
>which, amazingly enough, was the third hit on google.  next time,
>before asking, please search the fine web.
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has been a joy ...thanks

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