[lug] wireless points in Boulder (fwd)

M. Warner Losh imp at village.org
Fri Apr 5 15:41:38 MST 2002

In message: <Pine.LNX.4.21.0204051535130.20845-100000 at gemini.its.bldrdoc.gov>
            "J. Wayde Allen" <wallen at lug.boulder.co.us> writes:
: The fact that anyone can even spoof mac addresses using 802.11b is
: simply outrageous!  Let alone the failed attempts for encryption.  They
: don't even have the numer of bits for encryption right!  Lucent's claim
: if 128 bit is really 104 bit - 64bit is really 40 bit...

Actually, 64 and 128 bits *ARE* right.  But the other 24 bits are the
IV.  The "secret" part of the key is 104bits, but they are doing
128bit encryption.  Sadly, each packet contains 24bits of key which is
the IV.

The summary of the talk: "The folks that did WEP were
cryptographically naive fokls that designed a massively insecure


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