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Scott A. Herod herod at
Mon Apr 22 09:37:32 MDT 2002

Hello all,

Speaking of social contracts, did anyone see the business section
of the Camera on Saturday.  I'm I wrong to become angry about the
publication of a map with stick-pins locating open wireless networks.
( No, mine is not one of them. )  I acknowledge the necessity of
making security vulnerabilities well known, but that map seems to
be the ethical equivalent of a lock-smith checking front doors in a
neighborhood and printing a map of people that don't lock theirs.

At what point do people alerting others to security problems go too


Paul Bille wrote:
> > I get stuff like this all day long . . .
> Thanks Daniel.
> I guess I have too much time on my hands.  Anyone know where I can find some
> work to occupy my time and fill out my check book?
> In the mean while, it's not a futile effort.  I received a note from
> abuse at confirming they had identified the source and advised the
> network administrator to take action.
> There may be value in creating a "Wall of Shame"; a database of known
> abusers.  If we compile a list of sources for these kinds of attacks, maybe
> we can discourage them.  Initially accumulating the IPs for attacks would
> allow us to identify ISPs with lax security.  Ultimately it would be
> desirable to tie attacks directly to authors by name.  Reputation, good or
> bad is a social contract that holds people accountable for their actions.
> Thanks,
> Paul
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