[lug] Star Office 5.2...

Mr Viggy LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Mon Apr 22 11:18:41 MDT 2002

Hey all,

I just downloaded Star Office 5.2 from Sun's web page (as a .bin file). 
  I'm running Slackware 8.0, with a 2.4.18 kernel; and JRE 1.4.0.  I 
installed it (Star Office) as root onto my FAT32 partition (yeah, yeah; 
I want to use Linux all the time, but I occasionally use this machine, a 
laptop, for work stuff).

I'm getting a "Cannot find setup.ins in /fat-d/office52/program" error 
when I try to run 'soffice'.  I did a search of Deja News, and found 
that most that have installed SOffice onto a FAT32 partition have th 
same error.  So far, the only solution I saw was to re-install Office 
onto an ext2 partition.  Since I have no room on mine, this is not 
really an option.

Is there any other solution to get this darn thing to run from a FAT32 


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