[lug] Old stuff that still works(gopher pages)

hirsch at zapmedia.com hirsch at zapmedia.com
Mon Apr 22 14:00:25 MDT 2002

Rob Mohr writes:
 > I am still stuck on gopher pages.  Pixes are just a distraction, and they
 > let in the masses.  
 > Long before the 'net bubble and companies just trying to put up a biz
 > model to sell stuff via the net, I remember buying some khaki pants from
 > J.C. Penny, via my XT-PC, with a newly installed 50 meg hard drive, a 1200
 > baud modem, I dialed into a bulletin board for Pennies.  I remember it was
 > fast, clear to understand, and the pants came to me via UPS three days
 > later.  No, no stinking icons to fuz with, no flashy web pages, just
 > clear, green ASCII.  This was about 1994, maybe 1993.

Hah.  CDNow started as a telnet service!  Not that I used it then, but
I could have.


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