[lug] securing files

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Mon Apr 22 17:00:49 MDT 2002

As others have stated, the no copy provision sounds like an (almost)
imposiblity.  That part, I think, will have to be enforced with wetware
(eg, you).  I would probably encrypt them, and only give the decryption
key to those who need it.  And if it is *really* important, you might
make them sign something.  

You could also set ACL or groups so that the encrypted files are hard
for others to get to.


* Hugh Brown (hugh at vecna.com) wrote:
> I have some files that were acquired under agreement that they be
> completely confidential, only accessed by people on the project, and
> never transported unless encrypted.
> Right now they are on an NFS share.  I'd like to make it so that the
> files can't be copied anywhere but can still be read by the appropriate
> people.
> Any ideas?
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