[lug] also keyboard mappings are broke under Xterms

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Tue Apr 23 22:44:55 MDT 2002

I also have problems with my keyboard mappings being broken under vi in an
xterm, but not when used in a gnome-terminal.  *sigh*  All I want is my
backspace key to do the same things in all places.  Shouldn't that be a
simple thing?  

Well, it was with the last release when I made the proper keyboard
selection during installation.  I think I chose the wrong one this time and
now its broke.  I've tried /usr/sbin/kbdconfig but that doesn't seem to
change things.  I could use xmodmap, but I need Jamie's Xkeycaps (or
whatever its called) to build the modmap.  I haven't gone searching for
that yet (why doesn't it get installed by default, I wonder?).

The worse part of this upgrade is that Ximian's installer doesn't work with
RPM 4.0.4, so I can't put Ximian's GNOME on here.  
All this because the fan died in the power supply and decided to cook my
hard drives.  It's not been a good week.
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