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Thanks Evelyn. I browsed through this one at SoftPro as well. I was
impressed and sorely tempted to buy it, but was already at my limit for this
month's book binge. I'll have to add it to my "must have" list.


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The best book I've read recently on System Administration is _The Practice
of System and Network Administration_ by Limoncelli and Hogan (Addison
Wesley 2001).

It is not Operating System specific. 

What it does have is a thorough, clear explanation of the critical elements
and optional extras of the reponsibilities of system administrators and
their managers. From running a help desk, to fitting out a data center, to
everything inbetween, this book has practical advice which has come out of
both academic research and front line experience.

One of the parts which I was very surprised to see was the section on
social skills for system administrators. They discuss not only how to deal
with difficult people, how to manage your manager, and how to negotiate
with vendors, but also what you can do to make your work life as enjoyable
as possible.

Highly recommended for anyone who has to work with computers, networks and

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