[lug] Re: securing files

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Tue Apr 23 15:07:27 MDT 2002

* James Stroud (James.Stroud at Colorado.EDU) wrote:
> Samba is good for file security. I believe it does encryption similar to ssh
> and your windoze friends can use them to. You can also http them with ssl.
> NFS in its present state, as I understand it, provides no security. I don't
> think you can even wrap NFS in SSH.

As Bart Simpson would say, "aw contrair mofrare".

I read an article recently about doing just that, using Perl to automate
the process of encapsulating NFS in ssh.  I think it was on Rootprompt.
If anyone cares, I could try to find it.

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