[lug] Attempted hack from

Daniel Webb webb at robust.colorado.edu
Tue Apr 23 18:49:36 MDT 2002

> Your first lesson in finding alternate, accurate information sources.  A
> very useful life-long tool, in the computer profession.


> There are PLENTY of free resources which would have informed you of
> RedHat updates available as they were released, and you should look for
> them and use them.

  The problem was the the exploit used on me had long ago been patched
(the current Redhat wouldn't install on my machine due to bugs in the
so I wouldn't have seen it on any of the security watch mailing lists or
web sites.  I couldn't even find it on *Redhat's* website after
the fact when I knew the exploit.  Now that I have been using Linux a
little longer, I know about the alternate ways of automating Redhat
package updates, but it still doesn't beat the built-in power of apt-get.

The big downside to Debian for some people is that the testing version
basically requires a high-speed internet connection to keep up to date.
Their stable versions come out about once an ice-age or so, which means CD
updates aren't a good solution.

I have used both Debian and Redhat quite a bit, and I don't understand
why Redhat has so many more people using it.

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