[lug] LILO and UMSDOS

LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Wed Apr 24 09:04:25 MDT 2002

Okay, here's my deal.

I need Windows for work stuff (a strictly MFC application).  Also, I don't 
believe that my portable MP3 player is supported by Linux (however, I have not 
looked yet).

I want to re-build my laptop.  It's only got a 10GB drive, and I can't really 
spring for a new drive right now.  I've tried dual booting, however I'm running 
out of ext2 space, and need enouhg FAT32 space for my Windows data!  So, I was 
thinking of reformatting the entire drive as FAT32, and installing Linux using 
UMSDOS.  That should allow me to grow my Linux stuff as needed, without 
re-partitioning, right?

The other option would be to re-format the entire drive as EXT2, and install 
WIndows into a VMWare machine.  However, I don't own VMWare (yet), and I'm not 
completely sure how VMWare deals with the USB.

So, my question:  Has anyone got LILO working with a UNSDOS install of Linux?  
I really like LILO, and don't want to have to boot all the way into Windows 
just to boot up Linux.


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