[lug] OT: Makefile oddity

Ken Weinert mc at morat.net
Wed Apr 24 09:13:11 MDT 2002

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On Wednesday 24 Apr 2002 8:24, you wrote:
> So I have what I hope is one last hurdle here to emerging from the Dark
> Ages of non-cvs and tons of sym links in hard-to-package layouts. Using
> something like this as an example of generating the dependencies, I have
> a problem due to intermediate object files going to a separate
> directory:

	Well, I took a look, didn't see anything obvious in the options, but this 
sed command should work OK:

sed 's:^\([a-z]\):\.\./obj/\1:'

This is stuck inline between the output of g++ and the redirect into the 
dependency file.  The first pattern will only match filenames starting with 
lower case so you may need to expand it - the intent is only do the 
substitution on lines that start with a character as continuation lines 
either have space or tab as the first character.

It's probably not a perfect match, but should be a step in the right 
direction, hope it helps.

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