[lug] Is anon ftp upload really bad?

John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 24 14:26:07 MDT 2002

I'll concede that if you actively monitor and take the many necessary 
precautions, anonymous ftp upload can be made relatively safe.  Adding 
a proper authentication layer can only make it safer, and as a bonus, 
it keeps the kiddies from wasting your time with love.exe.

Perhaps the word "urge" in my previous message was too strong.  It's 
more of a recommendation.  Has anyone else played with the S/Key OTP 
stuff?  In the days before ssh was a common tool, I recall setting up a 
telnet proxy in this manner.

Riggs, Rob wrote:

> Can you give any rational reason for this?
> I ran a server like this for well over a year with no ill effects.
> - -Peter


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