[lug] routing

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Wed Apr 24 17:25:34 MDT 2002

I have 4 identical machines that will be part of a cluster eventually

Each has an onboard 10/100 nic and 3 10/100/1000 cards.

Each of the three gig cards is connected via crossover cable to one of
the other three machines.  each machine has all three gig cards sharing
the same ip address.  I was able to ssh to node2 from node1 yesterday. 
I was trying to set up rsh/rlogin with rhosts for an oracle clustering
product that depends on rsh (I know it is insecure...).  The rsh stuff
from node1 to node2 wouldn't work at all.  I figured that the routing
was probably all messed up and decided to tackle it today.  I rebooted
node1 (they were all headless) after putting a keyboard, mouse and
monitor on it.  Now, I couldn't even ping node2 let alone ssh to it. 
All the gig cards showed that they were connecting at 1000 and full
duplex.  I brought a laptop over and connected it to node1 via crossover
cable to the onboard nic and that worked fine.  I connected the same
crossover cable to one of the gig nics and the nic recognized that it
was connected at 100 full duplex.  I pinged from the laptop and node1
saw the arp requests and even responded a few times but none of the
responses showed up on the laptop (via tcpdump).

I'm at a loss.

What's the next step?

Is there a way for a machine to ping itself from eth0 to eth1 (e.g. the
onboard nic to a gig nic)?

The nodes right now are vanilla redhat with the updates applied.


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