[lug] Is anon ftp upload really bad?

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Wed Apr 24 19:33:28 MDT 2002

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On Wednesday 24 April 2002 05:49 pm, John Hernandez wrote:
> Yes, "authenticated anonymous" is indeed an oxymoron, but I didn't say
> or imply it.

Holy crap this is a Twilight Zone moment.

I don't want to turn this into a pissing contest, but here is an _unedited_ 
quote (from message-id 3CC730BE.1020602 at noaa.gov):

   > I would urge others to use anon uploads (in a safe and sane way) over 
   > cleartext authenticated FTP any day of the week.

   I don't quite get it.  If you ADD authentication (even reusable 
   clear-text passwords) to the current (safe and sane) method, how does a 
   stolen password make you any worse off, provided the account is for ftp 

The parts set off by ">" characters is me.  The other part is someone claiming 
to be you.  Maybe you think I mean something other than anonymous by "anon"?

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